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When your company is experiencing performance problems, you know the cost: lost man-hours, injuries, ineffective processes, low morale, high turnover, and worse. What you may not know is that performance problems have causes which are identifiable, predictable, and most importantly, correctible.

Performance Improvement International has been helping clients improve safety and reduce poor performance issues for more than 25 years. Our approach is unlike any other on the market. PII's exclusive technology is based upon 740 man-years of field research and application through working closely with our clients. PII's technology in solving equipment failure, human performance, and organizational / programmatic / management inefficiency issues and root causes is unmatched by any company in the world. Our specially trained consultants have applied this technology successfully in a wide range of industries, from utilities to manufacturing, chemical processing, health care and consumer products. Our track record is impeccable.

PII is unique:

  1. PII has stood behind its work with a no-recurrance assurance for more than 25 years.
  2. PII has a 100% success rate through more than 5,000 cases of root cause investigations and troubleshooting.
  3. PII is the only company possessing in-depth knowledge in human error reduction and equipment failure prevention.
  4. PII has spent more than $10 million for private research to advance state-of-the-art technology, building on its foundation of extensive field experience.
  5. PII financially supports many critical charitable organizations to care for future generations, in furtherance of the company’s overall mission.
  6. PII is the only company to have developed and deployed advanced probability risk analysis technology to quantitatively predict occurrence rates and types of operational events and injuries. As such, PII technology has saved lives and prevented events or injuries before they occur.
  7. PII customizes its Error Free Zone® Strategy for our clients to reduce events or injury rates. After implementing our cost-effective recommendations, PII expects a factor of ten reduction in event or injury rates. PII is able to offer this expectation because PII analyzes all event possibilities quantitatively, not qualitatively. Read more about PII's Error Free Zone® Strategy here, and in this technical whitepaper (pdf).

We offer both consulting and training services, designed to meet the specific needs of each client. And, best of all, we offer these services at rates within even the most cost-conscious budget.

Explore our website to learn how PII's exclusive technology can help your company become an Error-Free Zone®!